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素春卷 Veggie Spring Rolls (2)3.95 西芹腐竹 Celery with Bamboo Bean (tofu skin) Salad 5.95
蔥油魷魚 Ginger Calamari 6.95 素春卷 Veggie Spring Rolls (2)3.95
麻醬菠菜 Spinach with Sesame Sauce 6.95 鍋貼 Beijing Ravioli (pan fried) (8)5.95
蟹角 Crab Rangoon (8)7.45 凉拌海帶絲 Seaweed Salad 5.95
醬牛肉 Five–Spice Pot–Roasted Beef 6.95 椒鹽雞翼 Crispy Spicy Wing U+1F336 6.95
椒鹽蝦仁 Salt and Pepper Shrimphot1 8.50 蜜汁叉燒 Boneless Honey Ribs 7.95
雞串 Chicken Teriyaki (4) 5.95 炸雞指 Chicken Finger 7.50
烤排骨 BBQ Spareribs (1/3 rack)8.95 各類餃子
Beijing Dumplings(steamed)
(Stuffed with chive, shrimp, pork or pork with cabbage)



S(1) M(2–4) S(1) M(2–4)
酸辣湯 Hot & Sour Souphot1 2 .95 5 .95 雲吞湯 Wonton Soup 2 .95 5 .95
疙瘩湯 Chinese Spaetzle and Egg Drop Soup 6 .95 13 .95 海鮮豆腐湯 Seafood and Tofu Soup 8 .95 16 .95
雞茸粟米羹 Minced Chicken and
Creamed Corn Soup
7 .95 14 .95 鮮蝦餛飩湯 Shrimp Wonton Soup M(6pcs)

6 .95

12 .95



釀唐茄 Shrimp Stuffed Eggplant in Black Bean Sauce 12.95 黑椒三文魚 Pan–Seared Salmon with Black Pepper Sauce or Garlic Saucehot1 14.95
蟹肉扒菠菜 Spinach Sauteed with Crab Meat Sauce 12.95 海鮮豆腐煲 Seafood Tofu in Hot Pot 12.95
魚香干貝 Scallop in Garlic Saucehot1 15.95 生炒螺片 Sauteed Sea Conch with Mixed Vegetables 18.95
金磚疊螺片 Sea Conch with Shrimp Stuffed Tofu 24.95 宮爆蝦球 Kung Pao Spicy Shrimp with Peanutshot1 13.95
糖醋蝦球 Sweet and Sour Shrimp 13.95 魚香蝦球 Shrimp in Garlic Saucehot1 13.95
素菜蝦球 Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables 13.95 椒鹽魷魚 Crispy Spicy Calamarihot1 12.95
韭菜魷魚 Calamari Stir–Fried with Chives 12.95 水煮魚 Fish Fillet in Hot Chili Oilhot1 12.95
松鼠全魚 Beijing Crispy Whole Fish Seasonal 紅燒魚或乾燒魚 Braised or Spicy-Braised Whole Fishhot1 Seasonal
清蒸魚 Steamed Whole Fish with Ginger & Scallion Seasonal



雪豆炒牛肉 Beef Sauteed with Snow Peas 12.95 菜膽扒牛肉 Beef Sauteed with Chinese Broccoli 12.95
芥蘭牛肉 Beef Sauteed with Broccoli 11.95 鮮菇炒牛肉 Beef Stir–Fried with Fresh Mushrooms 12.95
孜然牛肉 Cumin Flavored Stir–Fried Beefhot1 12.95 夲味辣牛肉 Peppery Sauteed Beefhot1 13.95
中式牛柳 Beijing Style Steak 13.95 黑椒牛柳 Black Pepper Steakhot1 13.95
素菜牛肉 Beef Sauteed with Mixed Vegetables 12.95 薑蔥牛肉 Beef Sauteed with Ginger & Scallion 12.95



左宗堂雞 General Gao’s Chickenhot1 12.95 魚香雞片 Sauteed Chicken Yu Shiang Stylehot1 10.95
宮爆雞丁 Spicy Kung Pao Chicken with Peanutshot1 10.95 照燒雞排 Crispy Glazed Chicken 12.95
桃仁雞丁 Chicken Sauteed with Walnut in Beijing Sauce 11.95 辣子雞 Peppery Sauteed Chickenhot1 11.95
松子雞松 Minced Chicken and Pine Nuts in Lettuce Wrap 12.95 魚香茄雞片 Yu Shiang Eggplant Chickenhot1 12.95
雪豆蘑菇雞片 Chicken Sauteed with Snow Peas & Mushroom 12.95 素菜雞片 Chicken Sauteed with Mixed Vegetables 11.95



醬肉卷餅 Pot–Roast Pork with Scallion Pancake Platter 12.95 魚香肉絲 Yu Shiang Shredded Porkhot1 10.95
木須肉 Moo Shu Pork 10.95 回鍋肉 Twice Cooked Porkhot1 10.95
豉汁蒸排骨 Pork Ribs Steamed with Black Beans 12.95 肉絲炒香干 Shredded Pork Sauteed with Spicy Tofuhot1 11.95



If you are vegetarian or have other food restrictions, please let your server know as some dishes contain meat.

麻婆豆腐 Ma Po Tofuhot1 8.95 家常豆腐 Family Style Tofu 9.95
辣炒香干 Spicy Tofu Stir–Fried with Vegetableshot1 9.95 百花酿豆腐煲 Tofu Stuffed with Shrimp in Hot Pot 11.95
什錦羅漢齋 Vegetarian Delight 9.95 魚香茄子 Yu Shiang Eggplanthot1 9.95
干煸四季豆 Tangy Spicy Green Beanshot1 9.95 尖椒土豆絲 Shredded Potato Sauteed with Peppershot1 9.95
蒜茸西蘭花 Sauteed Broccoli with Garlic Sauce 9.95 白灼芥蘭 Poached Chinese Broccoli 9.95
香菇扒菠菜 Spinach Sauteed with Black Mushroom 12.95 清炒蒜茸豆苗 Sauteed Peapod Stem with Garlic Sauce Seasonal
小炒合菜 Stir–Fried Vegetable Medley with Vermicelli 9 .95 橄菜肉碎四季豆 Beans Stir–Fired with Ground Pork and Olive 9.95
草菇扒芥蘭 Chinese Broccoli with Braised Straw Mushrooms 11.95



北京炒麵 Beijing Pan–Seared Noodles
(Shrimp, scallop, beef, chicken and vegetables)
12.95 魚香雞片炒麵 Pan–Seared Noodle with Yu Shiang Chicken & Vegetableshot1 9.95
各式撈麵 Lo Mein 8.95 乾炒牛河 Dry Fried Beef Chow Foon 9.95
豉椒牛河 Beef Chow Foon with Black Bean Sauce 9.95 各式炒飯
Fried Rice
(Choice of beef, chicken, shrimp or vegetables)
楊州炒飯 House Special Fried Rice 8.95 海鮮什錦炒飯 Neptune’s Special Fried Rice
(Jumbo shrimp, scallop and vegetables)
豉油皇撈麵 Ginger & Scallion Lo Mein 8 .95 炸醬麵 Noodle with Peking Sauce 8.50
北京涼麵 Beijing Cold Noodleshot1 7.95 星洲米粉 Singapore Rice Noodleshot1 8.95
米飯 White Rice (S) 1.50 (L) 2.50 黃飯 Brown Rice (S) 2.00 (L) 3.00




Served from 11:30am – 3:30pm, Monday-Friday (excluding holidays). Served with a choice of spring rolls or chive pies and fried rice or steamed rice


左宗雞 General Gao’s Chickenhot1 8.95 宮爆雞丁 Kung Pao Spicy Chickenhot1 7.95
魚香雞片 Yu Shiang Chickenhot1 7.95 素菜雞片 Chicken with Mixed Veggies 7.95
回鍋肉 Twice Cooked Porkhot1 7.95 肉絲炒香干 Shredded Pork Sauteed with Spicy Tofuhot1 8.50
芥蘭牛肉 Beef with Broccoli 8.50 鮮菇炒牛肉 Beef Stir Fried with Fresh Mushroom 8.50
宮爆蝦仁 Kung Pao Spicy Shrimp with Peanutshot1 8.95 素菜蝦 Shrimp with Mixed Veggies 8.95
魚香蝦 Shrimp with Garlic Sauce 8.95 魚香魚片 Fish Fillet with Garlic Saucehot1 8.95
家常豆腐 Family Style Tofu 7.50 蝦釀唐茄 Shrimp Stuffed Eggplant 8.95



本樓炒麵 Beijing Pan Fried Noodles 9 .95 北京炸醬麵 Noodles with Beijing Sauce 7 .50
牛肉湯麵 Beef Noodle Soup 7.95 醬肘花卷餅 Pot Roast Pork and Scallion Pancake 8.95
海鮮湯麵 Seafood Noodle Soup 8.95 星洲米粉 Singapore Rice Noodleshot1 7.95
乾炒牛河 Dry Fried Beef Chow Foon 8.95


hot1Hot and Spicy